SwiftSource Water Generator

The SwiftSource Water Generator takes fresh water of almost any quality and converts it into potable drinking water. It is mobile and can be deployed in nearly any emergency situation where drinking water is unavailable. The machine is designed for use in low resource settings by government agencies, NGOs and other organizations that provide safe drinking water to people in need. Rural, independent municipalities seeking better solutions for providing their residents consistent, clean drinking water can also use the machine.

The SwiftSource Water Generator is modular and can be customized. The core technology uses a series of water filtration systems, including a proprietary enhanced flocculation process to purify fresh water. The machine comes in a variety of sizes and is designed so that multiple units may be connected in parallel to meet the needs of any situation.

Pre-assembled and plug-and-play, the SwiftSource Water Generator uses Great Water Techs mineral-based, German-engineered water treatment products to produce clean and healthy drinking water.

Folmar Infographic